I had a massive craving for shortbread the other day. Walkers shortbread. Then I thought why not try and bake some since its basically just butter, sugar and flour. Yurrrr, its not that simple. It wasn't gonna be the buttery, melt in your mouth yet crunchy kinda thing that I want. So instead I topped it with some passionfruit since I had some lying around.


I think what makes a good shortbread good is the butter used and im pretty sure theres a tiny bit of some other flour in it too. Im thinking a combi of rice flour and corn flour? I dont know, prolly try it next time.

So the bars i made came out pretty good. The curd was perfecttt. Not that pleased with the shortbread base though. It certainly did not satisfy the shortbread craving yet. The base was abit too crumbly and very dense. I was hoping for a more fluffy texture?


Well, whatever it is, I will be baking these up soon again just for the curd. It is soo good. I mean passiofruit and curd, like what could go wrong?!?

Other recipes I've seen added uncooked curd and let it cook in the oven instead. I wasnt too sure if the curd would actually set so quickly so I precooked it first and baked it further. Also I thought if a wet mixture is added to the base, it might cause the base to be soggy? I dont know, prolly try it out next time with uncooked curd.


When the curd is being baked, it is important to not over bake it cause once it starts to set, it will overcook and become grainy in another minute. Plus keep in mind it would still be baking when it is out of the oven due to residual heat. I took mine out once the center of the pan was firm to touch.


So I've been seeing alot of colour gradient-ing stuff around instagram (@wrightkitchen - amazing photos!) and I thought I will try to play around with some colours. It felt really odd honestly cause I never make things to look pretty and perfect usually. But very fun nonetheless.


All them pretty colours!


Like I said, it was too neat and pretty, it looked/felt uncomfortable. I just had to make a mess of it, oops haha.



6oz butter

1/2 cup icing sugar

2 cups flour


4 eggs

2/3 cup passionfruit juice

1 cup sugar

3 tbsp flour

1/4 cup milk


  • preheat oven to 180degC and line a 9 x 13" pan

  • cream butter and sugar till pale and fluffy

  • dump flour in all at once and mix on low speed until just incoporated

  • press dough onto pan and poke holes all over

  • bake for 30mins or till edges starts to brown

  • while the dough is in the oven, prepare the curd

  • mix all the ingredients in a pot and cook it on medium heat, constantly mixing it

  • once mixture thickens, remove from heat

  • spread curd all over the base and bake further for 25 mins or till curd is set

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