Jam. reminds me of various things.

First : sweet ass fruit

Second: Bob marley - we jammin'

Third: Clostridium Botulinum

Fourth: https://twitter.com/tinder_creeps/status/488908522306801664

Of course i am talking about fruit jams here though.

Jams are a great way to preserve seasonal fruit. Since Singapore is just sunny/rainy with a smack of humidity, seasonal fruits are not exactly local. Hence I usually use frozen fruits and it works jist as great.

Fruit, sugar, pectin and typically lemon juice makes up the recipe of jam. Another important aspect of making jams is canning it.


yes. i am messy. i know.

Currently, I dont have an ideal recipe for jams as I am wayyy too lazy to weigh out the ingredients and i am always making them last minute so the amount of fruit always varies. I usually just eyeball the amount and if it doesnt set well, agar powder is there to finish the job up.


i like to make pureed jams (is that called jelly) and add fruit in seperately. But skip this you prefer the mix.


500g strawberry

1/2-3/4 cup of water

1 tbsp powdered pectin

1/2 cup of sugar

1 tps agar powder

1. In a pot, cook strawberries with water till it softens

2. in a mixing bowl, mix sugar, pectin and agar uniformly

3. puree strawberries with a handmixer and add sugar mixture in as well

4. leave to boil for 10-15mins, constantly stirring to avoid burning the bottom

5. test for doneness by putting a small amount on a teaspoon and stick it in the freezer for 3mins, if its gelled up then youre done! if not boil it longer or add more agar powder (im pretty sure thats not the right way but im a rebel that way)

Note: if you're planning to keep it for a loooonggg time, i suggest you can it properly. Otherwise just leave it refrigerated and consume it within 5 days. Once it starts to lose the viscosity and theres a layer of water seperation. please CHUCK IT OUT. the dangers of eating off jam is... death or stomachache but DEATH O.O so not worth it. And its really deceiving as fungi and bacteria could be growing and excreting poison into the jam but it may be undetectable with the naked eye. especially that bugger C. Botulinum!


a batch of freshly cooked jam

some glass jars (that can withstand prolong high heat)


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