Every baker has their own rendition of their self proclaim best chocolate chip cookie recipe ever. Hence, I decided I should also have one that I can call CHARINS original cookie. The process of finding the recipe i am satisfied with was a looooonggg asssss one. And today i can finally close that chapter and present CHARINS COOKIES - chewy with crisp edges and chockful with any chocolate I can find.


cookie dough: glue to hold your candies together

It starts off with butter, sugar, egg and flour or % of fat, sugar and flour(gluten).

FAT comes from the butter and egg(yolk), It tenderises and adds flavour to the cookie. It also contributes to the 'spread' factor (diameter and thickness of cookie). As the dough is placed in the oven, the fat would liquify and spread. Following that, the rest of the ingredients would set the cookie's final shape. Spreading of the dough is mainly dependent on melting point of the fat used and amount of flour. Which means, a low melting point of fat and low amount of flour would have a higher 'spread' factor, resulting in a large and thin cookie.

SUGAR gives it sweetness (obviously) and also plays a factor in the texture of the cookie. I worked with 3 different sugars initially - white, brown and liquid glucose. Finally I eliminated the white sugar as I did not see it contributing anything useful to the final result except making it toothachingly sweet. The brown sugar makes the cookie kinda chewy and gives it a great flavour so it stays! And liquid glucose is what I would believe makes a chewy cookie, chewy. This is due to the fact that liquid glucose does not form crystalline structure at all.

GLUTEN comes from the flour when it interacts with water. I did try increasing gluten content by using part bread flour, however I felt this formed too cakey of a cookie. Although it did create a cookie that held a great shape. The amount of mixing develops the gluten, and although most recipes advise on minimal mixing to prevent gluten development. I think otherwise. I do prefer mixing my dough alil bit more even after all the flour has been incoporated. I feel that a little gluten development gives the cookie more bite. However, overmixing is not encouraged as it will give a dry and tough cookie.


not the prettiest, but oh-so-good

So with all that in mind, I started off googling for the chewiest cookie and i got to Andie's blogpost - and she shared some of her secrets too! (Thank you Andie :D!) I actually know all of it except the melting of butter. AND THAT IS A REAL GAME CHANGER! who knew melting of butter makes sucha big difference. This is because less air is incoporated to the dough hence gives a denser texture to the cookie. Also I would like to think that the melted butter would have dissolved the sugars, making it into syrupy goodness.


a really runny dough, dont run away though! (HAHA) just stick it in the chiller for abit, all is well :)

Through a few tweaks here and there, my final recipe varies alot from Andie's one. Oh, I should add that I have a funny issue with salt so I tend to eliminate salt from most of my recipes even though every single recipe/baker/cook/chef/person raves about how salt is really important as it brings out the flavour and whatnot. No doubt it does, but I think it does fine without.

And finally i cannot stress how important TIMING is. Bake it one minute too long and you can say bye to chewiness. I worked with 10 mins and it was perfect. But this is dependent on the oven itself. So a little bit of trial and error is required.

Heres a gif of the cookies in the oven - taken at 2.5mins intervals from timepoint 0min to 10mins.


cookie balls to be frozen for emergency midnight cookie cravings

CHARINS COOKIES (makes 24 cookies)

125g butter (melted)

50g liquid glucose

112g brown sugar

1 egg (approx 60g)

175g all purpose flour

200g of chocolate/candies/nuts/anything you wanna add in

(i usually just chop up whatever candy bar i find in the fridge)


1. in a large mixing bowl, combine melted butter, sugars and egg. Mix to an even consistency

2. add flour and toppings and mix thoroughly until all the flour is incoporated

3. do 20 more folding motions (at this point it will look very liquidy, unlike your usual cookie dough. dont worry! just chill it)

4. cover bowl in cling wrap and chill till playdoughy consistency

5. portion out cookie dough into balls (i weighed out 30g portions)

6. Either bake it now at 170degC for 10mins or leave it in the fridge to age for 48hrs for a more flavourful cookie or freeze them for future use.

Note: Flatten the tops of the cookie balls before baking. This allows better spreading, yielding a thicker, even cookie instead of a domed-center-thin-crispy-sides cookie.


haha i added more candies on top. cause... WHY NOT!

Of course, I am not going to settle for this just yet. There are so much to know about this simple chocolate chip cookie. Hopefully I will be back to edit this, but for now... imma stuff myself silly


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