The term cake is nothing but a combination of textures and flavors through an unexpected creation. CHARINS is none other than what I am myself portrayed in a edible form - a party in your mouth.


From working in a chemistry lab to a pastry lab. New innovations come to me at any time of the day in a continuous flow of ideas and experiments. I am very proud to finally share what I have sowed from the seeds of my passion. Let me guide you to take a leap of faith into what eating cakes really means to me and why I chose to do this.


CHARINS specializes in cakes with flavours full of imagination and intuition. Classic cakes are turned up a notch and innovative creations always surprise the palate. Completely customizable in terms of flavours and aesthetics, CHARINS's baked goods are suitable for customers of any age and occasion. Tell us what YOU want, and we will turn your demands into a glorious sweet concoction!




Homemade • Original • All Natural